Investigation of Paranormal in Alaska

About UFOs in Alaska

   UFOs in truth are a common sighting in Alaska. Native Alaskan clans and tribes have lived for centuries knowing of their existence in the arctic skies. 
   I have often found no difficulty talking to Alaskan's about UFO encounters, it is not as sensitive of a subject as ghost and haunting can transpire to be, which can seem like secreted family information or downright disbelief in the possibility ghost exist. (I have to say here, that with current TV programming things are changing quickly in all areas of Alaska paranormal and information is more forthcoming these days.)
  Frank Edwards, best explained a very probable reason Alaska gets more UFO sightings, in his book, Flying Saucers- Serious Business, 1966.
 "The scientific hegira to the Antarctic which followed the acquisition of photographic evidence of intense UFO activity (by the military) at the poles and so little above the equator, was instituted as soon as we were able to contrive rockets capable of reaching high altitudes. Science made great haste to examine outer space above out equator and found a great belt of deadly, radiation."
  It has taken numerous years to accumulate and assemble a category of local listings of UFO sightings, collected individually from scores of Alaskan eyewitnesses, the sparse documents and long hours of tedious research in UFO testimonies declared by persons while traveling in Alaska. It is in fact, the largest list in the world of Alaska UFO sightings and encounters. You can view this listing here  

What to do if you see a UFO in Alaska...


1) First call other people to come and watch the UFO with you, alert others to its presence. The more witnesses, the more credible the report. It's also best to have multiple witness sightings for investigators here at IOPIA.

 2) Observe the UFO carefully. If you have a camera, take pictures that include objects such as buildings, treeline, mountains, etc. in the foreground and background if possible. Remember as many details as possible, especially the date, time, location, size, distance, sound, motion, direction traveled, how you lost sight of UFO and appearance of the UFO, such as color, lights and shape.

 3) After the sighting ends, write down as many details as you can remember. Draw a sketch of the UFO. 

 4) File your report with IOPIA    REPORT UFO

Investigating UFOs in Alaska

  Unlike the paranormal sciences concerning ghosts and haunting activity, which can manifest in a certain location or with a certain individual, UFOs appear almost anywhere at any given time to anyone. One of the major problems with investigating UFOs in Alaska and in general is that they tend to be of random occurrence. Witnesses of a UFO encounter are caught off guard and unprepared for the encounter, so it is extremely unlikely to get instrumental evidence. All the investigator has to work with is usually the witness report.  

  All reports have inaccuracies in their contents which can make things complicated but not impossible for a Ufologist. It is important to have as many witnesses as possible to report the phenomenon so the investigator can draw out valid statistics from each individual report. The data we retain here at IOPIA is derived from studying hundreds of individual Alaskan cases. You can make a difference by reporting your UFO sighting, most likely we have other reports on file matching your sighting. To see the data from your reports go here  


What Constitutes as UFO Evidence? 

The Absence of Proof is not Proof of Absence

  "There is no proof! It just doesn't exist!" This is something I've heard for years on a constant basis while investigating all aspects of the paranormal here in Alaska. I go by a motto, "The absence of proof is not proof of absence."


Witnesses (More the better)



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Radar Signatures

Electromagnetic Effects 



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