IOPIA Anchorage Historic Hotel IOPIA Anchorage Historic Hotel Founders Neelie and Tony Anchorage Historic Hotel 2011 Halloween Event 153641015 IOPIA & Rick of Ghost Tours of Anchorage Anchorage Historic Hotel 2011 Rick from Ghost Tours of Anchorage stopped by to meet the Founders of IOPIA at an IOPIA meet and greet event at the hotel! 153641016 Tony Witnesses Paranormal Activity 2011 172599767 Founders Tony and Neelie 2011 172600010 Investigator James Finch 2011 172600009 Investigators Dan and Dani Investigating Hotel Looks like something is forming on the bed as Dan is picking up readings. 2011 172599768 Investigator Dani on EVPs 2011 172600011 Brad and the Girls 2010 172600012 Anchorage Historic Hotel 172600013 The IOPIA Team 2011 172608720