Investigation of Paranormal in Alaska

Alaska UFO Data 

 The above rendering is based on actual eyewitness testimony in Alaska of a cigar shaped UFO.


IOPIA has collected data for many years on UFOs here in Alaska. Here is what we have found from the hundreds of Alaskan reports we've collected. If you have experienced a UFO at anytime in Alaska, please fill out a report form so we can input the data into our database to give you more accurate results.



Types of UFOs Reported in Alaska

  There are many shapes, colors and sizes of Alaskan UFOs sighted and reported on a frequent basis to us here at IOPIA. If you think about it, Alaska is the prime place for UFOs. Sparse populations, mountains that reach and stretch as far as the eye can see, silent, vast landscapes and deep, cold waterways all undercover of the "Midnight Sun."  

  There are two types of UFOs reported to us here, much like reports from all over the globe.

UFO- Unidentified Flying Object 

USO- Unidentified Submersible Object 

  To be honest, I believe that they are both the same object with the option of space travel as well as the ability to maneuver underwater. To discuss this on a more detailed level or read others thoughts and ideas, please join us in the IOPIA Member forum!


UFO Shapes Reported in Alaska

There are many shapes of UFOs reported to IOPIA, below are the most common.  


  Metallic, mirror-like or black, saucer shaped disk. The most photographed UFO in Alaska. They are silent, very quick craft and rarely travel unaccompanied. They are the most persistent UFO described near Alaska military bases.


  Rolling oval, headlight-like, circle of light, bright colored light with search beam. The sphere shaped UFO is the most commonly sighted and reported UFO in Alaska and is much like a disk in movement and characteristics. It is also reported as football-like in shape or a horizontal oval. 


  Metallic, oblong with a blue stream of light with alternating vibrant intensity. This craft is described hovering or re- positioning at minimal altitudes. From reports we get here at IOPIA this is a substantial sized craft that is said to emit a low pitched, engine-like noise and in some circumstances it is alleged to be silent. 


   Radiant triangle, black pyramid with bluish-white lights, mirrored black triangle, distinct triangle with red, jade and white lights, Stealth shaped with yellow luminous glow. Reported at low altitudes, near mountainsides, hovering, yielding no sound. From witness reports, this craft has four lights on the front and eight to ten lights in the backside that change intermittently. 


   Cone shaped UFOs are not frequently reported here in Alaska, but from the reports we do get at IOPIA, they are a transport vehicle, emitting Volkswagen sized UFOs out of the rear of the craft. This craft glows and is said to make a humming sound.

Alaska UFO facts

The most common UFO color reported in Alaska is red.

The most common shape of UFO reported in Alaska is sphere shaped.

The earliest reported sighting happened in Eklutna, Alaska 1936.

The most Alaskan alien abductions occurred in the 1980's.

There were more UFO sightings reported in 2005 than any other year in Alaska. 

 This data is current from our findings here at IOPIA. All information herein belongs to IOPIA Investigation of Paranormal and may not be copied, relayed nor used in any form or manner. If you would like to know more about the data we collect, contact [email protected]


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