Investigation of Paranormal in Alaska

Ghost Hunting in Alaska

     Want to know how to investigate haunting activity in Alaska?  Always wanted to be a paranormal investigator?  This page is dedicated to you!  IOPIA is a long standing paranormal investigating team dedicated to the pursuit of proving that the paranormal is alive and very active in the state.  We are always on the look out for like minded people in the state of Alaska. 

     IOPIA is interested in your area.  We are looking for dedicated investigators that have a true passion for the paranormal to document, research and investigate paranormal activity on behalf of IOPIA.  Create your own team in your own city.  Together we can  unite and make a difference. Let IOPIA be the outlet of your paranormal interests.  Contact a Founder for more information.

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What Equipment You Will Need



Cameras are important,  they capture light the eye cannot see. I prefer film loaded due to digital cameras as digital cameras do not produce a negative. If you are a serious paranormal investigator, you'll want negatives. Although some very good captures are taken with digital cameras. Note: When you upload a photograph to the internet it becomes digital and not as clear as the original  photo.

Digital Voice Recorder

These are used to capture EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) and pick up sounds the ear cannot hear. Ask a question and it may be answered. Note: After asking a question leave about 5 seconds of silence before asking another question. You don't want to be talking over your class A EVP evidence. 

Flash Light

A serious must here in Alaska anyway. 


Batteries and more batteries!!!! 


Sending Your Evidence to IOPIA

  So now that you have some amazing evidence, what to do, what to do. Share it! We get visitors from all over the world on a daily basis. Send it to us here at IOPIA and we will post it to our website! If you have caught a ghostly image, EVP or Video and want a professional review and opinion done by IOPIA, you will have to e-mail us.

It is free if we investigate your haunting or you give us rights to publish the information. 

EVP Review     $30.00 

Photo Review  $20.00

Video Review  $60.00   

Sending Alaskan EVP to IOPIA for Review

Must be in MP3 format or a .wav file

Sending Your Photos to IOPIA for Review

 Must be in JPG format or original photo.

If you are a paranormal group based in Alaska, if you so request, we will post your material with your group name, without professional review, but keep in mind the public will comment on your evidence posted.   

Email the Webmaster: [email protected] 


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