Investigation of Paranormal in Alaska

UFO Abduction in Alaska

UFO Abduction is taken seriously here at IOPIA and we have many years of experience dealing with Alaskan abduction cases. If you believe you have had a close encounter, missing time or contact with an occupant of a UFO, please contact us here! IOPIA is listening! We at IOPIA can put you in contact with others who have had like experiences.

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UFO Encounter Classification 

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CE-I  -Close Encounters of the First Kind, witness observes a UFO nearby but there is no interaction with either the witness or the environment.

CE-II -Close Encounters of the Second Kind include details of interaction between the UFO and the environment, which may vary from electrical interference to imprints, burns on ground surface, physical effects on animals, humans or vegetation.  

CE-III -Close Encounter of the Third Kind is when occupants of a UFO have been reported. There is usually no direct contact or communication with the witness.

CE-IV  -Close Encounters of the Fourth kind deals with alien abduction and/or direct contact or communication with an alien being.

What is Alien Abduction?

  People claiming to have been abducted by extraterrestrial beings associated with UFOs are usually called "abductees" or "experiencers."

"Contactees" is a different term for those who have contacted aliens and usually differ in narrative than those of abductees.

There are six different common abduction stages we look at as serious investigators, not all are remembered or experienced by abductees. 



 Abduction Procedures

 Child Presentation

 Less Common Elements 

         The Tour

         The Jouney


         The Conference


   To delve deeper into discussion, learn more about abduction, place your opinions, read others thoughts on the subject of alien abduction here in Alaska or to see actual Alaskan abductee drawings of beings, UFOs and experiences, please feel free to join us in the IOPIA Member Forum!


10 Signs of Possible Alien Abduction

1.   Have had a UFO sighting or many in your lifetime.

2.   Have had lost or missing time, especially of one hour or more.

3.   Have had dreams of UFOs, alien faces, beams of light.

4.   Have been paralyzed in bed with a being in the room. 

5.   Have seen balls of light or flashes of light in your home or other locations.

6.   Have awoken with marks such as burns or bruises which appeared during the         night with no explanation.

7.   Have been suddenly inclined to drive or walk to an out of the way area.

8.   Have unexplained insomnia or a fear of sleeping.

9.   Have seen a dark hooded figure near or in your home.

10. Have a strong reaction to media involving UFOs or aliens.

Types of Extraterrestrials Reported in Alaska


  The "Greys" are the most commonly reported type of extraterrestrial in Alaska. This is not surprising, given the Greys are the most common subject of all UFO, Alien Abduction theories and events. Greys are also said to have abducted the most number of humans on a global scale.
   These epicene beings are said to be 4-5' tall, bald, communicate telepathically, light grey in color, move at rapid speeds and have very large, black, pupil-less eyes.
  Said to look much like the insect we know as a Preying Mantis, the "Mantis" entity is not much different in appearance than the Greys, other than the fact they are reported as 6'5"-7' tall. 
  These beings are known to oversee the Greys and are usually only seen during the examination part of an abduction. From some Alaskan abduction reports we receive here at IOPIA, we know that the Mantis also is seen if an abductee gets out of hand or a problem arises for the Greys.
   The "Reptiod" so named for it's reptile-like appearance has been reported in alien abductions in Alaska. This rarely reported entity is said to be about 7'4"-9' tall and in charge of Greys, Mantis and all other reported beings. This would be the alien in charge and is usually reported in a conference like setting of abductions. They are generally not perceived as friendly towards humans.
 On a global scale there are over 40 different species of extraterrestrials reported. To learn about other types reported around the globe, please join us in the member forum.







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