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  Welcome to the distant north, where the vast, cold, empty spaces hold many secrets of a strange and paranormal nature. Ghosts, UFOs, Bigfoot and numerous odd creatures flourish in the frigid arctic shadows of the "Land of the Midnight Sun." This site is confirmation to their existence, from the people who have personally experienced the bizarre events, to those whom are curious about eerie phenomenon. However you have found yourself here, it is our delight to present you with sincere, accurate information on Alaska's paranormal places and events! 

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 Who's haunted in Alaska? We at IOPIA receive many reports of various types of haunting activity in the frozen north on a daily basis. IOPIA has gathered an extensive database on hauntings in Alaska. Click on the links to share, discuss and learn more about Haunted Alaska.

Haunted Alaska

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Alaska Electronic Voice Phenomenon EVP

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  "Willie" the Extraterrestrial   


  Alaska is very active concerning UFOs and IOPIA receives many UFO reports and abduction cases! IOPIA is the only paranormal team in Alaska that has continuously documented these reports and sightings and retains the most information in the world on Alaska UFOs. IOPIA is friends with many UFO groups large and small from all over the globe. Please feel free to click on the links below to see more information pertaining to UFOs, Extraterrestrials and Abduction here in Alaska.

Largest list in the world of Alaska UFO Sightings and growing! 

Local UFO Listings for Alaska

Witnessed a UFO in Alaskan Skies?

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Alaska UFOs, Facts we have at IOPIA!

Alaska UFO Data

What kind of Beings are reported to us here?

Alaska Extraterrestrials and Abduction

Want to see actual UFO video captured by Alaskans?

Alaska UFO Videos

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 Be the next live caller on IOPIA's Alaska Paranormal Radio Show or join us in our interactive live chat while your paranormal, underground hosts, Tony and Neelie broadcast live from the "Land of the Midnight Sun," Alaska! 


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